Friday, December 26, 2008

After Christmas

We had Timmi Dylan and the boys here for opening their presents on Christmas Eve from Santa. Dylan Austin and I even tracked Santa on the computer. Watching him get all excited about Santa he is at a great age. We all had a great time . After they all left to get them snug in their own beds waiting for Santa to arrive at their home, we finished cleaning up around here. I don't know what happened but I only slept maybe 2 hours and up for the rest of the night. Around 4 AM was the worse. I was SICK and I don't know from what. No one else got sick so it wasn't from anything we eat.
Christmas Day I spent in bed you know the feeling afraid to move. Tim took the food I prepared over to Timmi's for the Christmas Dinner.
I am worn out today but not feeling sick to my stomach.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas ( at least better than mine)


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