Friday, December 12, 2008

More Buckets

In the evenings after the boys go home I have been trying to get these buckets finished for some of the school teachers. I have 3 done. I have 3 more buckets but have 5 more orders. I hope I can find more buckets at a reasonable price.

The boys outside with my melting snowman



Carol K in NJ said...

Hi Susan, Love the buckets. I made something similar for all my sewing gear. I was wondering, did you use a teflon foot to put the binding on the plastic pockets. I struggled so much with that. It was like sewing tape on with the sticky side against the machine. Happy Day

ARLENE said...

Girl, you have too much energy, lol. I still have the directions you sent me for the buckets. I'm a little behind. Maybe I can make one for Isabelle's 3rd birthday in September, lol, but I won't make any promises.