Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I am trying to teach myself to Knit.

I am left handed but I figure since I am using 2 needles , both hands may as well learn right handed.
My index finger is so sore. hahahahaha, pressing the tips of the needle. I did inherit all of my mother in laws old books and needles. They have been in the closet for over 13 years. ( These are her needles, I wonder how old they are?)I always kept them knowing ONE DAY, one day I will learn. I saw this cute hot bottle warmer that was knitted. It said it was easy. Hmmmm I thought well lets give it a try.

I have crocheted fro year since I was a teen but never really learned to knit.
Lets see how far I get. This is 2 evening worth of knitting. I wonder if this will get finished.
Am I knitting too tight? And how much will be torn out.


Linda B said...

It looks to me as if you are doing just fine!!! If you are knitting too tight, it will be hard to get the needles into the next loop. And your guage won't work. But as I said, you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great for just getting started. I too did the "push the needle" thing and hurt my fingers. I found when I was finally able to loosen my stitches I could pass the thread through without using the tip of my finger. I think when everyone starts out their knits are tight. Just keep stitching and you'll find your groove. :)