Friday, April 25, 2008

Crocheted Bags

This bag was made from Lowe's bags which are much lighter

These bags were made from Target bags

I am always looking for something to make. Lately I have been crocheting these bags. Here is the website I found and used for this pattern. It is very easy.

I can sit down in the evenings with my husband and crochet. There isn't much counting here. My grandson, Dylan Austin who is 3 says "grandma, why are your fingers all in knots?"

This is a round bag made from Target bags
My daughter Timmi seems to like this bag better, it has longer handles and has more room.
Everyone is talking about going"Green" Now I can start doing my part and recycle, I can use these bags when I shop.


AutumnBrooke said...

I saw Timmi's bag the other day at the park and I just loved it! I think I'm going to make one. :D Thanks for the link.

Kristin said...

I having fun looking at your bog! The bag will be my summer project:)