Saturday, April 26, 2008

Samy Ray

Samy is our yellow lab, he was a present for Mother's Day 10 years ago. When we brought him home he was only 7 weeks old. He naturally has become apart of our family. Since I had all daughters I wanted a male dog. Samy was my little boy, my baby. hahaha. Look at him now! You can see he grew up fast and became my BIG BOY, all 125 pounds. Samy needs alot of room. We were told labradors were good with children. here is living proof.

Both boys, Dylan Austin and Harley climb up on Samy to watch a video or use him to climb on the sofa. Samy is very gentle with them when they are on him. These are some recent pictures and a movie of Samy with the boys. It still makes me laugh when I hear Dylan Austin telling Samy to "back up" cause he is so big, Dylan can't get around him. Harley just puts his little hand up and pushes. Kids and Pets always steal the show and put a smile on your face. Don't you just love them? Watch the little movie of Harley climbing on Samy.

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