Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stress Test - Health Update

There were 3 different parts of this test I took yesterday. First I had a 2 part ultrasound of the heart.. It was pretty cool to see it on the monitor. First it was just an ultrasound then again with dye in my IV.
Second had a cool gamma thingie. Sorry I don't know the technical name, something nuclear.
Third the actual stress test on the treadmill.
I was told I had to reach 144 heart rate for my test.
During the test they injected MORE dye. I think I glow in the dark.
Once I reached the level they wanted I was to sit for another 30 minutes and back to another contraption Finally after that I was able to go home. I arrived at 9 am and left at 2:15 pm. It was a long day.
Now they said the Dr office will call in a few days for with all the test results. But I do feel confident because the Doctor did say IF they found anything wrong they would take me right over to the hospital. I was told to go home YEAAAAAAAAAAA
I am beginning to think this whole ordeal is all about my thyroid.
I am feeling a bit better, at least I can eat and hold it down. I also haven't been having sweats. And yes I have already gone thru the "change" so the sweats isn't related to that. My blood pressure is down alot too. It has been in the range of 145/98. This is all good news for me. I am hoping the Doctor takes me off some of the meds soon.


ARLENE said...

So glad they sent you home and that you feel better!!! I'm sure the stress of the stress test wasn't helping either. Praying for good results and an end to this madness.

Luxquilt said...

I hope you are feeling better now and that the results of all the test will be good!
I sent you my give aways some days ago and hope it will arrive soon to make you feel a little better! :-)