Friday, March 27, 2009

Raffle Quilt

I quilted the raffle quilt and it is ready for the binding.
I was calling Abby this afternoon and I could not find her. She was sitting on a pillow on the sofa.


ARLENE said...

Your quilt should bring a good amount. I made my first coloring book and crayon bag last night. Came out pretty well--will post later. There was NO photo of the finished product and the directions were so poorly written. I want a new video camera for my birthday so I can start making tutorials. I'm going to change a few things for my next bag.

Margaret said...

My Goodness!!! You sure do work fast!! AND you do good with your speed.

I'm cutting out more price chopper bags. I wish they would stop changing the dye lots, though. All their bags leave mine mottled. Oh well.

L/H, Peg