Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinning Room Chairs

I decided to change the seat covers on my dinning room chairs.
they were Now they are
Sometimes I just want a change.
Finished the 6th Row on my Daisy Doodle quilt Abby and Emma sitting with Tim.
Look at this picture of Emma. She is just so tiny. She is going to miss Abby. Timmi and her family are coming back today from the beach.


Carol said...

Hi Susan,
Puppy pics are cute! I admired you recovering of those chairs, great job! I was looking through the new McCalls magazine and saw a pic of chair covers done up with quilting pieced patterns. Apparently someone had done it and it was displayed at Houston. Neat idea and one I might give a whirl. Happy Day carol K

ARLENE said...

Your old dining room chairs would have matched the wallpaper in the dining room of my old house in Newburgh. Love the pics of your girls playing together.

Anonymous said...

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