Sunday, May 6, 2012

Second Sewing mMachine Cover

This cover is for my Brother SC6000i. This is a good little machine. I use it for more than just a back up machine. I use it when I am doing embroidery ( I don't want to change out the plate and needle for a fast sew.)
I have all 3 set up on my table, and I love having easy access to them. Thanks to my honey for making my table.

This embroidery design took forever to do. lol,  like 4 hours.  Changing the threads and everything.
This is the first time I joined different designs together. I think it came out. I'm feeling it. (as Amy would say)
I made the cover to fit over the hard case. This is sure going to brighten up the room with everything new I am making. Thanks Liz for doing this Sewing Along.
 2 made  1 more to go, stay tuned.

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webbsway said...

O Susan- I totally LOVE your new cover. I am like you and need 3 but ??????? Excuses,excuses!

I love Blue Too!
What a wonderful job-can't wait to see what comes next -AND- what about that table?????