Friday, April 20, 2012

Morning After

Starting to bruise  just call me duck mouth... OUCH....Inside of my mouth isn't pretty at all....


Elaine said...

Ouch! Poor you, that looks very painful. I hope it settles down quickly.

webbsway said...

O Golly Jeepers Susan- I KNOW how that hurts and the best is yet to come when you start to Turn Colors!

Have you considered wearing a "motorcycle helmet" for when you are near asphalt?

Forgive me- I should not "pick" on you when you are in pain. My cousin broke his nose once and I picked on him so much he started begging me to stop making him laugh because of the pain. LOL

andsewon said...

Oh bless your heart! I hope it feels better soon!

webbsway said...

Hi Susie-Q -
I just had to pop in and check to see how you are doing? I know you have to be in a lot of pain -makes it hard to eat or talk or laugh. Next add all of those bright colors that will customize you. I pick at you -but I REALLY am sorry that you got hurt and I am hoping for your fast recovery -which still will not be fast enough to suit you.

Meggie said...

That does look painful....hopefully by next week, it will look better and eating will be less painful.