Sunday, April 29, 2012


A few weeks ago we picked up some pallets. 4 to be exact. I saw on PINTEREST  you can make furniture out of them. Me I am thinking  hey great idea. ( But then I am not the one making it, hubby can do it)
Tim took 2 of the pallets apart,  stacked up some wood and dragged the other pallet in the garage. I want him to make a coffee table for the living room. All the years we been married (38) we never had a coffee table.
I don't really know why just never did. Seeing this on Pinterest sparked an idea.  These were new pallets. WE were at the mall and the Men's Warehouse was doing some remodeling inside. I went in and asked If i could have some of the pallets . They said yes. There were 10 or more, I wanted them all but Tim said 4 would be enough. We are keeping in the guest bedroom, I didn't want the rain to get them dirty yet. LOL

taking some apart
 making the top
 making a shelf 

The other side Tim will make a drawer. I want it to be rough looking.Will see what happens.I am anxious to see how it will look when its done.


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webbsway said...

O Susan - what a wonderful idea! I can't wait to see what your DH turns it into! I am a furniture NUT- I told DH I should have been a furniture sales person so I could just love and touch all the furniture. I also love pallets - DH thinks I am Nuts-well, truthfully I am! LOL

Meggie said...

I was wondering if they were hard to take apart. I love the idea of using pallets!