Monday, April 16, 2012

New Pincushions

For the month of April in Liz Sew Along we were to make pincushions. Anyone that knows me I love pincushions. Of course I couldn't just make one. I made 2.
Amy came over and we got buy cutting and sewing. The first one is actually all hand sewn.
This is called the Catcus Blossom 
I bought the measuring fabric in West Texas when I was visiting Timmi.. cute  right?
Here is Amy  and Mine together
The second pincushion Amy called the 10 minute pincushion... She had hers sewn in a snap. I was decorating  that took Time. lol She couldn't decide what trim to use.

All 4 
Amy and I love how they all turned out.


Olga said...

They are very cute. I need to make a pincushion too because right now all my needles are pined in an old shoulder pad, lol.

Liz - Moments said...

All the PC are super cute.
Which pattern is the 10 minute pincushion...curious minds wanna know:-)
I especially love the tape measure fabric....who's it by???
Hugs, nosy Liz