Friday, October 17, 2008


It is the weekend already. WOW!!! I get to have the boys over night tonight. I enjoy having them here. They just grow up so fast. They sure do wear me out BUT I hope they always enjoy staying with Grandma and Pappy. Most of the time they never want to go home.
Harley was 2 this week and I did his foot print. On the boys birthday day I started having a copy of their footprints around my door frame. When Dylan turns 4 next month I will add his. Most people do handprints I wanted to be different. I wonder how long they will let grandma do this?
I also finished Amy's quilt the pink and grey one.

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ARLENE said...

I want to see a photo of the footprints around the door; I love the idea! Amy's quilt is lovely. I'm so happy to see you posting again. Enjoy your night with the boys; you'll need an extra day of rest, for sure.