Sunday, October 26, 2008

Garage Sale OVER!!

WHEW!!!! Alot of hard work going into having a garage sale. My back is hurting.
But good new Most of my things sold. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Tim doesn't have to put much back at all. The only reason I am keeping what is left is because Timmi wants to have a garage sale soon too. I just thought I would put what is left in hers. If it sells great. If not, OUT IT GOES. 2 days of standing on my feet all day on cement & lifting boxes took a tool on my feet and back. OUCH
Almost $700. was made and most everything was priced $3.00 and under. LOL. That can tell you How much Christmas Stuff I had. Today I will try to pack up the rest of it and our trucks can go back in the garage.
Yesterday was Dylan Austin's first soccer game of the season. This season was cut short because of Hurricane IKE. My son in law Dylan is coaching the team this year.

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