Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Has Been Awhile

So sorry I have been away for awhile. Things are alittle hectic here after Hurricane IKE. Amy is finally getting things together for insurance . It just takes so long to get anything done. And it seems each day she finds something else. It all keeps adding to her list. She is being strong through the whole ordeal.
Between helping Amy, watching the boys and just everyday life these days are flying by.
It is almost November and the end of the year is creeping up on me. Where did this year go?
While at the store one day last week I did find this to add to my sewing room. I thought it was cute.
The boys are getting so big so fast. Harley is 2 and Dylan will be 4 in a few weeks. This was taken Tuesday.
I hope to be able to keep up with my blog now. I have missed it


ARLENE said...

I'm so glad you're getting your life back to somewhat normal. I had assumed you were busy helping Amy, but was starting to get a little worried. My, those boys have grown! I love your scissors. I have a sign that says SEWING ROOM with a Singer machine on it in mine. I forgot about the 100th post giveaway. I'm almost there!

Margaret said...

Welcome Back!! I've missed your blog and your posts on our group site. You and Arlene are funny, with your scissors and Singer Machine on the entrance to your sewing rooms. Mine should say, "Enter at your own risk!"

Love, Peg