Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating Outside

Tim worked outside decorating the house.
Day time
At Dusk Kitchen window

I love how the shadows of the deers appear on my neighbors home. Tim made these wooden deers for me

Dylan loves the animated deers. When he saw them at the store he asked Pappy if he would get them. Of course Pappy did. Dylan spent the night so he could help Pappy with the decorations.

I still have a few things to do inside. I seem to always run out of time. ALMOST DONE.


Carol Kendra wwfq said...

Hi Susan,
The house looks beautiful inside and out. I love the gold theme and the quilt above the fireplace is a knockout! Now you can sit back and just enjoy looking at it all for the next 30 days.

ARLENE said...

Everything looks gorgeous, Susan. I love those animated deer. Someday....

Luxquilt said...

What a great decoration outside!
Here in Luxsembourg people don't decorate her houses outside, sometimes a tree with some lights but no deers.I love to see all this pictures from decorated houses with all this lights and deers.