Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I watched the boys yesterday. I came walking in the room and caught the boys like this, I said hold it, so I can take a picture. They were tickling each other. Now they posed.
While they napped I was able to make a few more glass blocks . These turned out really cute: red ribbon with white snow flakes. Liz, I thought of you using this ribbon, wish you weren't so far away.

Made a gold one for me too. This one I used green wire for outdoor use. I will put this out on my table on the front porch with my 2 chairs


ARLENE said...

Your glass boxes are so beautiful. I saw them last year at a craft show and they were selling for $25 and up. I'm assuming the holes Tim drills are for the bulbs; how large are the holes? Also, where do you buy the glass box? You really need to start selling your stuff; it's great!

Liz said...

Susan, the glass blocks are lovely...I also wished I didn't live so far ...LOL