Monday, November 24, 2008

It Is Getting Chilly

We had the boys over night on Saturday. I just LOVE having them . They sure do keep me running but they can put a smile on my face. It is starting to get chilly here in the evenings. We were able to actually have a fire in the fireplace. Well one of those burning logs. It is still very strange for me being in the Houston area during Christmas time. My memories are trying to pick out a live tress in freezing weather, running to and from the car with the heater on. lol .There are many times here in Texas where Tim is putting our outside Christmas lights on the house in shorts. Just doesn't seem right. next week we will be having a heat wave again. When I get a chance to use the fireplace I do. On Christmas we have a real fire even if I have to have the doors open and even the air-conditioner running.
The boys in their blanket sleepers. I know they can only wear these a few times a year but I do love seeing them running thru the house. In the morning they were so cozy Harley didn't want to get dressed. LOL. Look how big they are getting.

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