Thursday, February 12, 2009


Tim is feeling alot better and back to work. Now Timmi isn't feeling well. Poor baby. She has a upper respiratory infection.
Abby is doing great, sleeps all night and either going outside or using the training pads.
I am trying to get her used to travel too. I am taking her out this morning again in the truck.
She isn't too crazy about her carrier. It is all closed in.
I think I am going to look for a dog fabric. Must make Abby her own quilt.
I think Abby is growing

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ARLENE said...

OMG, Susan, she is so darling! Like a little wind up toy! Is her carrier made of fabric? That's what I bought for my little kitty. It has mesh on the side and she loves it. The bigger girl fits, but I'm afraid she'll rip it, lol. I just love Amy!