Monday, March 12, 2012


Sorry  there hasn't been a post. I have been busy trying to organizing .I still have the top cabinets to do in the kitchen,  But I started on my sewing room. I am beginning to think that was a horrible mistake. lol
I have alot of patterns and papers. I don't want to throw any patterns out. I am a saver.
I am trying to go thru all these papers. I bought 2 little filing cabinets. I may have to buy 1 more

before I just had them in crates  one was just for sewing  one crochet
Now I am separating. I have tried scanning and saving things to my external hard drive   but I have had them crash on my. Some of these things are from back when I was in high school  Can you say OLD!!

these are my crochet patterns, I have tried to separate these as well.  
I am hoping now it won't take me all day to find 1 pattern.

I still have papers on my cutting table that need to be filed.
Some of this will go into MISC. Just can't have files  for every little thing lol
I am thinking maybe putting a board across the filing cabinets for a pressing station.. Not sure just yet what I will do. I know I want to get back to sewing.
I did make a thread catcher I will show that tomorrow.
 This is what I have been doing what have you been up to?

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Meggie said...

Hi Susan...I understand perfectly. I'm a saver too! Maybe too much. I have enough ideas saved for two lifetimes.