Sunday, July 27, 2008


We had the boys all day Saturday and Saturday night. What fun we all had. We made our house into Thomas the Tank land. In every room we had something Thomas.. The boys had a blast. You can see Harley with the Circus Thomas in the Dinning room. Dylan is playing with a small Thomas on the fireplace hearth. Another one Harley is watching Thomas the Loader.

Dylan watching Thomas the Loader

Harley and Dylan with the Big Set up of Thomas in the living room. We even had one set up in my sewing room and a small one in their bedroom but I didn't get pictures of that. They went from one to another.

We took the boys outside and they played in the sprinklers. Then they decided to wash my front door.

We had a full day.


Margaret said...

Wyatt also has Thomas the loader track/game. I think I have more fun with it than he does. LOL

Anonymous said...

You can have Tim make a panel that fits over your drawer when it is open.That is the way mine is and it really makes a difference in the drag.In my one cabinet I just open the drawer like you are doing.LaVerne