Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I finished lining my grocery bags Now I have 7 and 3 of them lined in plastic. I think that should be enough for shopping. I really like the fabric,"groceries" .

I also cut the squares and triangles for my next quilt. This is going to be pretty. If I get it finished.

There are 24 pieces to each block and 30 blocks to the quilt. I have one block finished.

Dylan had his T-ball game last night. Dylan at first base and Dylan hitting the ball. The movie is Dylan running to second base.


Timmi Park said...

Yea - Mom! I was hit number 1800 on your counter!

Margaret said...

Those fabrics will make a very pretty quilt. I can see that better with the block, rather than just with the strips.

Arlene said...

Those shopping bags are great! How many hours does each take? The quilt will be lovely; is there a name for that block?