Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sewing Table

I spent the day in my sewing room, rearranging and setting up my new sewing table. I will probably change things 100 times over. But this is the way it is for now. What I would really like to do is knock out one wall and go into the other room. hahaha.
Spending the day in here helped me today. I didn't really want to be in the rest of the house.
Time will heal. I have 2 quilt tops ready to be quilted. And I am working on Harley's western quilt for his "big boy bed". Today I hope to stay busy layering the 2 quilt tops getting them ready to quilt. One top I had finished just when I was moving things into this room. I forgot about it.


ARLENE said...

Susan, it is gorgeous! Is that a quilt underneath your machines? I know how you feel about Sammy. Don't know if you'll get another dog, but I suspect you will. I still had one cat after we had to put Blueberry to sleep, but waited about 2 months. Did you ever see the poem "Rainbow Bridge?" I'll going to look for the link to send you. You're so creative, I know you'll make a collage or something. I did it for Larry's dog Maggie; still haven't finished BooBoo's. Ask Tim what he wants for a custom table, lol.

Anonymous said...

What a nice set up.What kind of machines do you have? Quilting is great therapy.I wish we were still having pups I could send you one.Carol loves the one I sent her.She came to help her recover from surgery too.LaVerne