Monday, July 7, 2008


Wow that weekend went fast. I thought I would get alot done but ..
Tim did some sanding on the sewing table it is ready for stain now. Maybe during the week he can get to it instead of waiting for the weekend again. Just isn't enough time. I want it my sewing room.
I finished my nephews quilt. I packaged both of them and off to the post office.


Margaret said...

This is in response to the last blog you posted.
I would never have thought about using plastic to line a bag--especially if you had to line it. What grade of plastic did you use??? Was it out of garbage bags, as opposed to grocery bags??

Peg D

Anonymous said...

Susan, your quilt is lovely and you did a nice job on the quilting. You will really go to town when that table is finished.


Carol said...

Hi susan, I really liked the garbage bag bag that you made. The quilt with the star is really lovely and I thought the crochet high heels were a kick. Is your hubby doing a cut out to put your machine in flush with the table? Don't remember if you said or not. Well, you are one crafty lady