Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Game Time

Dylan had his T-ball game last night. His daddy had to work alittle late so Tim went out on the field with him til his daddy came. It is so cute to watch Dylan Austin and his Pappy out there..

During the day I made this out of Walmart bags I ironed 4 together for the iron and 4 for the back. The handles are black garage trash bags pieces left from the other project. I ironed those together as well.
Here is Harley getting up after his nap Dylan is still sleeping. Harley is trying to get down very quietly.

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Margaret said...

My Goodness, you are industrious!! More bags?? WOW! I finally got my bag done using the price chopper bags. I even took a photo. Now I have to get it into the computer and off to you. I think that is so cool, with you ironing 4 WalMart bags together. Have you taken it to the store?? Sometimes I get raves about my bags, other times it seems that the managers/employees don't care. Oh well. Their loss!! LOL

Peg D