Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I really didn't do much sewing yesterday. I ran some errands and did grocery shopping using my lined bags. I did embroider this square . I am making Harley a quilt for his big boy bed. His bedroom is western/cowboy.

We took Samy Ray to the Vets yesterday. In 1 month he lost 13.5 pounds. They did blood work and everything was in normal rage, nothing out of wack. So today we have an appointment with a specialist . I didn't know there was such a thing for pets. Ever since he had those "hot spot" he just isn't himself. He has cut down on his eating but then over the weekend he would just eat a few bites. They were talking about maybe getting an ultra sound.

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woodstock1221 said...

Hi Susan, love your new sewing table. Your DH did a grand job. Can't believe he moved it in and told you "don't touch"! How can you not?? Love the pin cushion too. Add me to the hat. Carol K in NJ (wwfq)