Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Sewing Table

Tim has been busy making my new sewing table. He finished building it . Now it just needs sanded and stained. He added the 2 foot leaf for me, now the table can open to be 8 foot.
While Tim was building the table I was busy sewing these grocery bags for my neighbors.
I wanted to try to make one with a plastic liner inside for frozen food, ice cream , milk or something similar. I wanted to be able to clean it out if needed. Of course this was an after thought. I had the bags already made. I got one of Tim's garbage bags from the garage and folded it lengthwise and iron it. Sewed the 2 ends together and that fit perfectly around the inside of the bag. I got another and folded it and cut apiece for the bottom. Sewed it together and now I have a lined grocery bag. Folding and ironing the bags cause them the plastic to become stronger.
When I ironed the plastic I put wax paper on both side. The heat from the iron heated the plastic together and the wax paper kept it from sticking to the iron or ironing board.

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ARLENE said...

Your sewing table is incredible. Go, Tim!