Friday, February 17, 2012

New Potholders

I am still on a roll about making new potholders.  These are going in my kitchen.I really like this set.

I decided to keep them handy I put the 2 smaller one above my stove.
Maybe now I won't burn my hands
I really like these longer ones. I have a feeling I will be using these alot.
I have a few more sets cut out. then I will go on to something else.
I do enjoying making smaller projects. Don't it give you some type of satisfaction when you see your project complete.
One of my projects is organizing all the papers in my sewing room.  This is going to be a MAJOR project. lol. I am undecided what to do   Should I get a tall filing cabinet, or get binders. It is just  I have some many different type of paper work.sewing, crocheting, quilting, and more. You would think I could keep it separated but it is still a mess.I need to organize. But I have to be in the right mind set to organize. I know if I start this project it is going to take me all week working every day that means NO SEWING. My sewing room isn't very big. All these papers are stacked on one side of the room in little crates.These crates aren't  easily accessible.


Meggie said...

Susan, I'm so envious of your beautiful pot holders. I have been trying to get to that project for some time, but life seems to get in the way. I still have a full time job and my only time is in the evenings. As fellow crafters, I think we all have a problem with keeping things organized. My sewing space is a nook (did a post about it). It was so organized a few weeks ago and now, it is out of hand again! Good luck with your organization. I love reading your blog. Keep the projects coming.

webbsway said...

O Susan,
I totally love your new potholders! I too enjoy the smaller projects so I can get some"instant - satisfaction"
Every thing that you do is So special!

I actually have two filing cabinets-one tall & one with only two sections in it. They really do Help - until I started filing "FABRIC" in there ! LOL