Friday, February 24, 2012

Purse Organizer and Small Wallet

Again Amy and I had fun sewing. We made this purse organizer for our new purses
 holds my Iphone, inhailer, tea bags wallet, tweezers, kleenex, hand cleaner, spot remover, lip balm. pen pencil and more
 inside my purse
tissue holder
small wallet. I carry my driver license and credit card in this

                                                                  inside Amy's purse
I have made this organizer for the older purse and LOVE IT. I don't think I could be with out it now.
Amy never had one in her [purse she is going to see if she will like it.
I thought my as well make it to match,
I think tomorrow we will make a billfold . I just put my old one inside.
Sewing a purse is one good way of cleaning out your old one. hahahahaha

1 comment:

Meggie said...

What a great idea, Susan. I can never find anything in my purse. I must give this idea a try. Thanks