Friday, August 1, 2008

Quilt Top

You know when you have a good sewing day. Everything goes well. No tearing out, No mistakes. Everything just flows. I finished another top. It seems lately I am on a roll. This week I was hardly outside at all. Mostly in my sewing room. I do have some errands to run today but after that I hope to get this quilt layered and ready for quilting. I do have to pick out my thread I may do this one is purple thread. I wish I had some purple variegated. maybe put that on my shopping list. The back will be the gold color in the sashing. And I think this one I will turn the front border to the back as the binding. EASY !!!!
I will probably stipple this like I did the blue one. Again EASY !!!! no time at all to quilt when using an all over stipple.

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ARLENE said...

WOW! Love the quilt and am so impressed that you stipple. I have so much trouble coordinating eye and hand for that. If I spent as much time over the machine as you, I'd be the hunchback of Otisville. I need frequent breaks or my neck and back hurt like crazy. You really are on a roll. Showed my friends your chocolates yesterday. They loved them!