Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sewing and Walking or Walking and Sewing

Knowing me I have to walk then sew. I decided to start walking on the treadmill. Really I decided a few days ago but the treadmill quit on me. Tim took a look at it and got it running again, thanks honey. It is just too hot and humid here in Houston to walk outside. It is like opening your oven door and getting a blast. I think if I actually publish it on my blog that will give me more incentive to walk and keep it up. If I don't walk first thing in the morning I won't do it. So it is Walking and Sewing for me.

Now I do know I have to be consistent. Blogging should help me. I need to exercise, but then don't we all? Today I walked for 30 minutes it was 1.5 miles. I may go get a pedometer too. Of course I do other walking just around the house. I would like to see just how much. My treadmill is an older model . In fact when it didn't work I found the booklet on it and I had dated it in 1994. 14 years old, but it is good for me. I don't need all the new bells and whistles. I velcro ed the phone in the room to the treadmill in case the kids call. haha!! I also have the TV remote velcro to the other side. I think I am going to get some tapes/dvds of different places and watch those while I walk. Something tourist. I will have to see what Netflix has., or have to go to the video store. I would like to see Greece, Hungary, Romania and of course Germany, Israel, Australia and Spain (wink). That would make my walking a little more fun don't you think? Well that is my plan. Walk 5 days a week, the more the better. Now that I have published that here I HAVE TO DO IT or I will feel guilty.

I have 3 rows done on the Blue Quilt. It is coming out nice.


Margaret said...

That quilt is coming out very nicely. I love the shades of blue (my favorite color). The pattern looks complicated, but then, sometimes the easiest quilts look complicated.

Peg D

ARLENE said...

Your walking plan is a great one. Don't neglect Ireland or Switzerland. Both are sooooo scenic. Austria, too. I like your blue quilt very much. You're so fast. I have a TV in front of my treadmill, but I hate using it. I should try for at least once or twice a week. That would be 2 yogas, 1 pilates, 1 walking...I have to get back to my weights, too. I'm so sore today from yesterday's pilates class. My stomach muscles are crying. LOL.