Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amy finished quilting my top yesterday. Again with each row of Quilting she commented on how she liked the quilt. She said when I die she wants this quilt. Geeezzzzs she is kicking me to the curb already,lol. Now I need to cut the quilt, make the binding and sew it on. Maybe this weekend I will get it done. This picture is the last row of quilting
Here it is laid out in Amy's foyer.
Here is Jacob on the changing table of that pack n play.


Luxquilt said...

Susan, this quilt is really beautiful, I like it!
And little Jakob is a beauty too!

Ruthie's Place said...

Amy did a great job. Tell her I'm going to pop over with a suitcase full of quilts for her to quilt for me - LOL. Jacob is growing fast, gorgeous little boy.
Warm hugs,

Miracle Of Jacob said...

What a life for me!!! I am SOOOO lucky! Fun Quality Time with my Mommy -- Getting to stipple Mommy's most impressive quilt -- while watching my precious Jacob all cuddled up and loving on his Grandma! I am one happy girl!! :)

ARLENE said...

That quilt is gorgeous! I have to start collecting my 30's fabric more seriously to make it. Jacob does, indeed, have the life!