Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Full House

Yesterday Amy stopped over with Jacob. Boy is he getting big. WOW, I can hardly believe how fast he is growing. Now that he has cereal in his bottle he will really grow.
Timmi stopped over with the boys too. How much fun are they. I Love it.
Dylan was asking all kinds of questions about Jacob. He was showing Jacob his toys and wanted to know if he knew his colors yet. He said he would help him to learn. The little sunshine toy on Jacob's swing has all kinds of ribbons around it; it plays "You Are My Sunshine". Timmi has sung that song to Dylan since he was born. Dylan was singing it to Jacob and Harley joined it too.
Harley said the baby's name is Jake. Every one calls him Jacob no one has ever called him Jake.
When Harley was leaving he said BYE BIG JAKE.

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Margaret said...

Susan, your grandsons are precious. Thank you so much for sharing.
L/H, Peg