Saturday, May 16, 2009

Decisions Decisions

I want to make a queen size quilt for my quest room, Really a spread, I want it to go almost to the floor. Now that I love my retro quilt I made for my bed there are 2 patterns I am torn between. Please help me make up my mind.

This one is called Cross Roads.

This one is called Daisy Doodle.

I am still looking for patterns.

Or maybe if you have a pattern in these reproduction fabrics and you want to show me please send me an email at


Miracle Of Jacob said...

I vote DAISY DOODLE!!! You AND Mommy should BOTH make this one Grandma! I like it! Love, Jacob

Luxquilt said...

I agree with Jacob...Daisy Doodle looks great!
A finished bed-quilt in one month...WOW!!

Margaret said...

It was a hard choice, but Daisy Doodle pulls st me more. Besides, that's the one Jacob wants. How can you resists that? LOL

L/H, Peg

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Daisy Doodle, however, it looks like it is a lot more work than the first one.

Ruthie's Place said...

Well I guess that Daisy Doodle does it for all of us - LOL.

ARLENE said...

I already emailed you, but for the record, it's Daisy Doodle for me, too. :)

Liz Schaffner said...

I like Daisy doodle but I think it will be a difficult to make (lots of curves) so I would go with Cross roads.
I think either one you make will look lovely.
Yo did such a great job on the Pinwheel star quilt that either one of these will be just as nice.
Could you sew a little slower so the rest of us don't look bad ! LOL
Hugs,Liz who's UFO never gets smaller