Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit With Jacob

I finished the all the blocks now I have to trim it up and make the pieced border. I am very excited about this quilt The more I look at it the more I like it. Can't wait til it is on my bed. ALL FINISHED!
50 blocks

Amy stopped over today with Jacob . We had a good time together. Abby wanted to know what I was holding.
When Jacob was taking a nap and Abby was fine. But when Jacob woke up and started to cry Abby wanted to be sure we knew .
Abby checking on Jacob.
We had to pull the little crib away from the sofa.
Abby checking on Amy while she was resting


Miracle Of Jacob said...

Sure was a good day at Grandma's!! At Grandma's AGAIN today! Abby keeps checking on Jacob again today! Cracks me up! Good thing Abby is so gentle - so I don't have to worry! :) Love, Amy

Pat said...

I love the photos of Abby checking on Jacob !!! TOO cute...