Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Over The Weekend

Timmi decided to change Dylan Austin's room from John Deere to Disney CARS. When Dylan was born Timmi made the nursery All John Deere. It is really cute. But Dylan now going on 5 loves CARS.
Timmi just redid the kids bathroom from duckies to CARS. It looks great. One weekend while Tim and I had the boys she and her husband changed everything in their bathroom. When they brought the boys home they really liked it. Dylan Austin to me I needed to come to his house to see his bathroom, it was really cool. he started to tell me all about each piece like the toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. ( lol he is so funny). When we went over he was showing us he wanted to show me the shower curtain hooks and that they were in a "pattern" Mc Queen , Mater and Doc, Mc Queen , Mater and Doc. so on and so on. 4 years old and knows that already.
Now I am working on a CARS quilt for Dylan Austin's bed. I started out with a cheater panel for the center and just added different side borders. Also going to make a valance for his window too. The backing will be the last border the back and red fabric. I will also do the valance in the fabric. When Walmart was deleting their fabric department I got that material for $1.00 a yard. I bought alot.

Here is a quilt top finished. Hopefully I will get it quilted this week. She did mention that Harley may want to change his room as well. From Cowboys to Cars.


Miracle Of Jacob said...

THAT LOOKS GREAT GRANDMA!!! My cousin Dylan will love that for sure!! Are you going to quilt this at Mommy's on the big machine? Love You Grandma.... Jacob

ARLENE said...

Adorable! I made a quilt for my cousin's GS a few years back. I had lots of fun finding all kinds of car, truck, and heavy equipment fabric. Quite a change from the My Little Pony I suffered through for his sister. BTW, got my 30's FQ's today. Didn't realize there was that split seam in the pinwheel pattern. Gave me pause, but I'm not in the mood for applique, so the Dresden Plate is out.