Friday, May 22, 2009

More Fat Quarters

I ordered these 20 Fat Quarters from ebay. I got a good price on them. $22.00
I love these 1930 prints. I had some here already and I didn't know Jacob was getting me that big stack .Talking about Jacob he had his ultra sound and he doesn't have acid reflux, I guess he just spits up alot. I am glad all is well. he still doesn't sleep well at night though. Amy says he cries half the night and nothing calms him down. He gets worn out from crying then sleeps the rest of the night.


ARLENE said...

Susan, great minds think alike. Yesterday I ordered 80 FQ's on eBay (1930's) for $99, no two alike. I can't wait to start my pinwheel. Yours inspired me.

Carol K in NJ said...

Hi Susan, Hope the baby is sleeping better. Had twins who were colicky and I rocked them to sleep for months. With the move being planned at my house I may end up putting a bunch of my fq's on ebay. Glad you made such a lovely haul.