Monday, May 11, 2009

Sad Day for Abby

Poor Abby, she really misses her playmate;Emma. After 9-10 days of having a buddy here she is walking around the house looking for her and she won't eat her breakfast. She whines once in awhile and I go to check and she is just sitting in the middle of the room. I know she is searching for Emma. I sure hope this doesn't last too long. I bet when Tim gets home from work she will perks up. Look how pitiful she looks in the bed all by herself. We are going to have to set up playdates for them. Emma isn't having a bad day she can run around and play with Dylan and Harley.


Luxquilt said...

Poor Abby, she's really looking so sad! :-(

Ruthie's Place said...

Poor Abby, it's as if she is saying where have you hidden my buddy - LOL.