Thursday, May 21, 2009


Look what Jacob brought me last night. Talk about being surprised! I didn't know little Jacob could get on line, work the Internet and type up an order; let alone that he has a credit card. He ordered me a stack of 1930 reproduction fat quarters, 80 of them. He bought his mommy some too. I think Amy needs to get parental control on her computer. lol Look how pretty. Just what I need for my new quilt. I am waiting for the templates to come in to make the Daisy Doodle. Now to pick 28 fat quarters from this stack. Amy is thinking of making the same quilt too.
Jacob is getting an ultra sound done today. He may have this acid reflux, poor little thing; he spits up alot.


Ruthie's Place said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Can I adopt Jacob - LOL.
Warm hugs,

Miracle Of Jacob said...

Grandma, I got talents like crazy! LOL I just wanted to get you a prize to say THANK YOU for being such a GREAT GRANDMA and for taking such good care of me! I LOVE YOU GRANDMA MOLNAR!! BIG-TIME!!! Big Hugs and Kisses, Jacob