Monday, May 4, 2009

Pinwheel Star Quilt

Over the weekend I managed to get 2 more rows finished. Just have 3 more rows of blocks then the pieced border. I am very happy with it. I always really wanted a scrappy quilt and a quilt with 1930 prints I have both in one with this. 9 more blocks to sew. My rows are getting smaller too. 5 blocks then 3 then 1. I am hoping I will get those done this week and start on the borders.

The little girls are always playing. Tim holding both


Luxquilt said...

The Pinwheel Star Quilt is fantastic, I too love this scrappy look and the 1930 colours. BEAUTIFUL!!

Best wishes for your DD's birthday!
My birthday is the same date, first of may, but a few years earlier! :-)

ARLENE said...

I love this quilt! I will absoultely make it; been looking for the least expensive 30's FQ's. Where did you buy your fabric for this one? It's a real beauty.

Anonymous said...

i need the instructions for putting this quilt together,all i have is the pattern for cutting it out. Any instructions that you could give me Thanks

Susan said...

what instructions do you need?

Anonymous said...

anything that you share with me or tell me where you got the pattern