Sunday, May 18, 2008


Between trying to get the boys room done for them and crocheting these plastics bags I have been busy. I torn apart my quest bedroom and packed away the pretty bedspread, pillows and took down some pictures I had on the wall . Put the kids things in there. I don't want the boys to feel I am taking things away from them. Dylan has had his own room here at Grandma's since birth. He has even asked questions about "HIS" room when we were tiling the floor last year. He has never had to share a room but lately he has been asking to take his nap with his brother Harley. That is what started me on thinking on getting my own sewing room. So far this is how their room will look. "Car" quilt at the bottom of the bed. Stuffed animals on the bed. Thomas the train toys on the window seat.

I have 4 more bags to make for the teachers at school where Timmi subs . One is finished, one is almost done and I am running out of bags, need more. I have til Thursday to get them done.

Hubby is still working on his "Honey Do List". yesterday he worked in the yard and put a coat of weather proof on the wooden swing set. his list is shrinking , but then I just added put up extra shelves in the closet for my fabric. Now how long would that take.hahahaha

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