Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IKE The Aftermath

This was one of our front windows the day we left our home.
Ike did major damage to the Texas Gulf Coast and inland passed the Woodlands and Conroe.
Most places have curfew in affect and power is still out. Of course Galveston and the Coast got hit the worse. I am sure most of you have seen the horrible pictures of the news.

In our own area most homes have roof damage. Trees falling on homes and roads, fences down, and power lines down across the area. Some area won't have electricity for a month.
We got our power back but it does go off and on for a period of time.
We live about 30 minutes north of Galveston right in the path of IKE. We did evacuate to Kathy Texas which is another hour north west. They had damage as well.
Almost everyone on our block has some kind of damage. Trees fell on alot of home, but there were no injuries.
Before the storm even hit the area, Timmi and I went out to take some pictures. The storm didn't hit us until the middle of the night. I am so glad I decided to evacuate. If it was that bad up north in Katy I can't imagine how it was at our home father south. Kathy lost power and we used our generator up there to keep the refrigerators, a small TV, fans and some lights going.
Amy decided to stay, and she lives 10 minutes from me; closer to Galveston. She did get damage to her home. Timmi and Dylan's home was OK. Amy has a big 2 story and part of the roof is damaged and the second floor ceilings came crashing down.

We haven't even walked around the neighborhood yet. We arrived home yesterday and we took the boards down from the windows and got the Big branches from the yard.. Today we start cleaning up the yard. We do NOT have 1 tree in our yard but we have limbs from everyone else. Now I know why Tim doesn't want any trees.
I did learn we just need to be more prepared. I thought I was. We need more water, ice and gasoline for the generator.

This is my neighbor across the street. It caught just the corner of her home. trees are like this all over out neighborhood as we drove it to our home.
Amy's second floor bedroom

looks like snow but it her insulation & ceiling pieces on the bed EACH DAY THINGS WILL GET BETTER. People will be getting more electricity. KEEP TEXAS IN YOUR PRAYERS. The government is doing an excellent job. From the local , state, federal, everyone. There is order.


ARLENE said...

Susan, I've been checking your site hoping to hear from you. We've all been worried. I'm so glad you evacuated and that you are safe. I'm sure you have lots of clean up ahead of you. Thank goodness you were spared the damage we saw on TV. Prayers for you and yours.
Hugs, too,

Margaret said...

I can't say it any better than Arlene did. Love and Hugs, Peg

Liz said...

Hi Susan,
I just checked your blog ( as I have been doing for days now) and I am happy to see that you are home...safe and sound !
I am glad that nothing bad happened to your home or you !!
Now I can breath again !
I am so happy you are home safe and sound !!!
Big Big Hugs to everyone !!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and viewing the pictures , absolutely love all of your different bags they are fantastic.. keep up the wonderful work , glad to read you are safe from Ike and Amy will be as soon as repairs can be made. Prayers for you all in Ike area.