Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enough is Enough

There is only so much one can do after this terrible hurricane. Cleaning and yesterday I said enough is enough we need a break. I took her up stairs to her sewing/quilting room and said take a break . We need to do something OTHER than cleaning, washing, dragging things from one place to another. We both needed some "therapy"

Amy made this top yesterday she still isn't finished she needs to add borders and of course quilt it.. I bet she even worked on it after I left. Amy laid it one a back of another quilt she wants to see how big to make the borders. She is calling her quilt "IKE"
I finished Harley's cowboy quilt I have to make my tag for it .

The back is all little cowboys

It felt good to play with the fabric and sew for awhile. I have a feeling when I go over to Amy's today we will do the same.

(She took some time off work get things done around the house) She has to wait now for the insurance people .


Margaret said...

Please tell your daughter that the quilt top she made is lovely. She has a good sense of color blending. The cowboy quilt is precious!! I love cowboys for children.

Love and Hugs, Peg

ARLENE said...

I love Amy's quilt and your cowboy quilt. I think taking a break from the unending work is great therapy.