Monday, January 9, 2012


Christmas is finally all finished. Furniture back the way it was. YEAAAAA !!!!! You have no idea how happy I  am. That is one chore I really don't like doing. I love putting it all  out but putting it away is another story.
Now I can get into my sewing room and relax and have fun for the rest of the year. I really don't  decorate for any other holiday except Christmas. That is why I go all out. it is getting harder for Tim and I to decorate each year as we get older. I said this was the last year for  8 trees  but we will see. I may not do the guest bedroom and sewing room next year .. that would take 2 trees away. But then they are only smaller trees only 4.5 ft trees. Well I will think about that in November. I have a few errands I will run today and then I can really relax.
Hugs to all


andsewon said...

Same here. Hate the undecorating put away stuff!We did go much less this year and no one seemed to think so!! Will do pretty much the same way next year I think!! I am trying to clean up clutter in sewing room. UGH! Have to move stuff around to accommodate the old cabinets Aunt Dot gave me!
Have fun back sewing!!

webbsway said...

Congratulations Susan! A job well done! Who will inspire you now that Winston is taking a trip. : )