Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabric Fairy

I finally finished making this Fabric Fairy for Amy. I never made a doll before .. Whewwwww  It may be awhile before I make another.. It was hard for me. I am not too good at tedious work... I even made her curly hair. I have to wrap the wool yard around dowel rods  boil them for 10 minutes  then place them in the oven  til dry.

I am not sure if she should have more hair on the back of her head.. I guess I will have to  research that.
I did have Carla from Florida to help when I needed to ask questions , thanks Carla.

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webbsway said...

O Susan - I am Jealous! She is fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just looking at a doll project last night! So we must be running on the same track somehow!!!!!!!!!! OOO, I REALLY LOVE yours!
I have never heard of boiling yarn & letting it set in the oven - I REALLY LOVE her hair-I think it is the prettiest I have ever seen. You did a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I vote for a tad more hair on the back-but that's just me. Bravo, bravo - anybody would be so proud to hang out with her! :-)