Monday, January 23, 2012

Kitchen Table

Remember my pretty Valentine's Day Kitchen table?  LOL Well Tim needed a place to work on his front fender for his motorcycle. How could I ever refuse him. With all the crafts I have had thru out the house all these years I could never say no to him.
Let me explain  Tim has a 1956 Harley Davidson motorcycle. He had it before we were married. It is his pride and joy. He has worked on this bike many many time. Torn it down to the frame and rebuilt it again. When we brought it to Texas it was actually all apart and in boxes. Every so often he decides to do something different.
This time it was to put a new front end on it. new tires and new front wheel and fender.  That means a lot more chrome; for anyone that doesn't know.

starting to put more chrome on
hydra glide

Tim even does his own painting 
This is his stress reliever: Mine is crafts. 
This week he will probably put the fender on and add all the other chrome accents.

 Look what I got... Chalkboard contact paper.. hmmmmm what can I do with this. :) 

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webbsway said...

Wow! I know ALL about that kind of Compromise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL