Thursday, June 5, 2008

More Organizing

The past week I have been trying to organizing everything in my new sewing room; papers, patterns, fabric, you name it; I am trying to find the proper place for it. The fabrics are remnants anything over a Fat Quarter but less than 3 yards. All the 3 yard pieces or more are folded in the closet. The papers are Quilts, Pincushion, Crocheting patterns, Sewing patterns, and other things I found on the Internet. I print out alot because I have found out when I try to go back to the site they took the link off. To play it safe I print.

I put the 2 sets of crates under the craft table. Now I haven't found a place for the set boxes of patterns.

And this is my FAVORITE thing in my sewing room. It would not be complete until I put these on my wall!!! They are the footprints of my 2 grandsons, Dylan Austin and Harley Che, beginning at birth and each birthday. Dylan will be 4 in November and Harley will be 2 in October, I can add another set. I will continue to do them as long as they allow me. lol. They will go up my wall and around and ceiling if I get enough.

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Margaret said...

One of my favorite crochet hooks is a 14. TINY!!

I hate to throw ANYTHING away. I always find a need/want later for it. I received Quilter's Newsletter Magazine from the first issue right to the beginning of 2007. I didn't want to waste the space for them, so I cut out the pict/patterns I wanted and tossed the rest. I could kick myself now. Oh well, hindsight is a great teacher

Peg D