Saturday, June 7, 2008


Don't you just love surprises? I got one yesterday. 24 years ago in January my niece got married. When she got married I helped with the wedding. I made her veil, all her bridesmaid dresses and and alot of other things. Her son, Joshua who is 23 is getting married July 12th. They all started talking about her wedding and looking at her pictures. They live in Georgia.
Yesterday there was a floral delivery. I thought maybe my hubby sent me flowers and got the dates mixed up. Our wedding anniversary is next weekend. LOL no, they were from my niece thanking me for all the help I gave her 24 years ago. How surprised I was and how sweet that was of her. Thanks Kelly.
Between getting my sewing room ready I am still working on Timmi's tabecloth. I will post a picture when I am finished.


Arlene said...

Susan, WOW! is all I can say. I missed your last 2 posts and suddenly you have a slideshow and ads and just a knockout blog! You rock, girl.

Dawn said...

Hi Aunt Sue!!!!! Long time, no see!! What ad am I supposed to click on? I hope all is well with you guys!