Monday, June 2, 2008

Sewing Table

Tim is making progress on my sewing table. Now remember he isn't a wood craft person/cabinet maker but he does good. After he put the legs on he said he should have done it another way. As long as it holds my sewing machine I am a happy camper. And I like that he is making it for me. That makes it special. I like things much better when someone takes the time to make it for you. Tim is working in the garage, we brought it inside so he can put my truck in the garage for the night. Years and years ago when we were first married we had this beautiful home but no garage. he always said if he ever got a garage he would use it every night. this month it will be 35 years. WOW!!! we made it thus far. lol. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 20th.
We finally have our dinnning room table back. Doesn't it look nice cleared off. lol

We gave Samy a bath doesn't he look pretty all nice and clean.

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