Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am making another quilt. This one is for my nephew Tim and his wife Lori. They live in Pennsylvania. They told me the colors they wanted: black, grey, white and a dark reddish burgundy.
I is really hard for me to pick out fabric for someone that lives far away, But so far I haven't had any complaints. It seems most of this younger generation don't go in for patchwork, scrappy, multicolored quilts. Personally I love any shade of blue and the reproduction of the 1930 fabric. I like the traditional types of patterns as well. I have made many Irish Chain Quilts for different members of my family. Every time some one wants a quilt I will make this one first and then if I can I will try to make another. I really like how the Irish Chain comes together. I haven't made one that I don't like. It is a very simple and easy pattern, consists of a 9 square patch block and a whole block.
Since my hand was still bothering me I couldn't crochet much at all . I decided to start Tim and Lori's quilt. I got it all cut and started to sew the 9 patches.

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